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Manufacturing Process – TOWEL for Hotel

Company Introduction

– Kohan Vietnam specializes in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of towels to international markets.
– We have 2 branches, one is in the center of Hanoi and the other is in HCM. Each includes the office and showroom. Our factory is located in the suburb of the cities.
– Our factory includes 8 QS, 100 employees for sewing and packing. We have many years of producing towel with skillful workers.
– Production Capacity: We are able to meet the constraints of output from 100 tons to 200 tons each month.
– Our main markets: South Korea, Japan, France, Australia, United States, Russia,… in addition we also offer a large amount of products for domestic consumers.

Manufacturing Process

* Purchase raw materials from cotton yarn factory in Vietnam

– 100%cotton in 21s/21s/2 or 32s/32s/2
– with high moisture absorption
– can be dyed each pantone color
– very soft hand feeling

* Weave customized towels with modern Jacquard looms providing different widths of towel
* Check raw towels and classify them
* Bleaching and Dyeing: Towels are sent to bleaching and dying factory. All towels must be dyed pure white before it is dyed any color. After towels had been dyed, they are steam-dried
* Finished products are checked carefully before packing
Quality Control Process

When purchasing cotton yarn from yarn factory, we check carefully to ensure the best quality of the materials
When the finished towels are available, our QC team will check carefully one by one. If there is any product that fails to meet the required standards, it will be rejected. We always consider the quality of product is our most important business methodology
For the white towels, we will examine the bleach residue on the towel with litmus paper to ensure the permitted limits
For colored towels, we will examine the dye residue on the towel and ensure that the dyed towels would not be faded at any level of temperature
After the checking steps above, the towels will be trimmed to get rid of redundant cotton threads. All the products by this stage must be clean and neat
Finally, towels are packed and delivered to our customers or stored in our clean warehouse